Trampoline is one of the best recreational sporting equipment that you can setup both indoor and outdoor. It is definitely a great stress buster and helps your kids to burn good amount of energy. If you are planning to buy one for your home Zupapa trampoline is one of the best trampolines sold in the market. Though it is not popular like other prominent trampoline models it is definitely gaining attention because of its German origin. Always German design and engineering have a great recognition which you can count on and therefore be assured you will enjoy jumping on your Zupapa trampoline for a long time.

Zupapa 15 14 12 FT TUV Approved Trampoline 01

All trampolines may look similar but they make a difference in features. The very first feature you will like about this trampoline is the tall enclosure net. The net has long poles to support which will ensure safety of the kids. Even upon jumping high the kids will not fall out of the trampoline because of the high side nets. The nets are strengthened by steel poles therefore they will not sag or let the jumper land hard on the ground. The enclosure net measures 72 inches in height so it is safe for even adults to jump. The frame is made up of heavy duty galvanized steel that is resistant to rust. It is capable of bearing the weight of multiple jumpers that will fall on the equipment. The trampoline features a special design as the legs and the poles converge at two spots tightly making the trampoline firmer. The design does not attract any structural twisting which is common in other cheaper model trampolines. The equipment is equipped with springs of 7 inches thickness offering a superior bounce. The springs are padded with 20 MM thick PE and PVC foam which ensure that you do not hurt yourself by landing on coils. The jumping mat is UV protected and heavy duty. The model comes with a free ladder and a rain cover for outdoor use.  The trampoline is certified by TUV and has a German quality. It can bear jumper weight up to 300 lbs.

TUV Approved Zupapa 15FT 14FT 12FT Trampoline 02

Buyers who wish to own a zupapa trampoline also have other options to choose from. The model is specially designed to avoid any risks of your little ones getting into direct contact with the highly pliable coils. This is a perfect choice who wants to go an extra mile when it comes to safety of their children playing on the trampoline. The jump mat is alone surrounded by safety net which prevents kids from stepping into the high tensile coils. Though the coils are wrapped with PE and PVC foam pad for additional safety, it is recommended that you do not let your children step on this for their own safety. The setup of net is flexible as you can remove it and even attach it around the outer circumference of the trampoline if you are not bothered about the covered coils. The net poles are also wrapped with foam and covered with a soft material resembling a pool noodle. Even if the kids bump into them they will not get hurt majorly. The frame is made of commercial grade galvanized steel and the legs get the extra strength from tall poles that touch the ground offering double support.

The poles are provided at two places for additional stability to the trampoline. Generally trampoline legs are considered to be the weakest parts; therefore this design ensures that the Zupapa is additionally strong than other brands. The trampoline includes all accessories and delivered as a whole set. Therefore you need not look outside for any compatible accessories. The set includes safety nets, jump mat cover and a sturdy ladder. You will get all these accessories in an affordable price. It can take user weight up to 300 lbs therefore suitable for adults too.

Zupapa TUV Approved Trampoline Combo 10ft

If you have a backyard with only a little space for setting up a trampoline you can look for trampolines that are smaller in size. This Zupapa model is only 10 ft in size. This model is ideal for small families with younger kids who want to have a frequent recreation with a little space available at the backyard. The product measures only 10 ft and might look small in size but offers you good fun.

This 10 ft trampoline has 5.5″ galvanized springs that offer high level bounce and elasticity to the equipment. It can take user weight up to 330 lbs which is sufficient for two or three small children to jump on it. The device though being small in size offers a big place for your kids to have fun during their play time by jumping, bouncing and tumbling in a safe manner. The device is ideal for smaller families with younger kids to enjoy and have a great fun at the backyard. At the same time they get to expend lot of energy which helps them stay fit. The product includes number of safety features to offer a safe play and the padded net poles are liked widely by the parents. Since the size of the trampoline is small there are chances that your kids hit the sides of the net and cushioned poles. However the impact will be reduced and the children do not get hurt. The safety net also stands tall as the product stands 10 feet tall preventing your kids from bouncing over the net. Your kids will remain safe and secure while playing which makes this trampoline model highly sought out by parents. The coil springs are covered by PE plus PVC foam which offers great elasticity to the trampoline. If the springs are not properly covered there are chances that your kids get hurt. The springs are not only covered but padded as well for higher comfort. In case your kids accidently step onto the coils they will not feel the recoiling of the metal when somebody is jumping. The trampoline is very easy to assemble and comes with all the essential accessories such as ladder, rain cover, etc. The model is primarily designed for your kid’s security and has a friendly price as well.