Trampolines offer the best way to have a recreation at your own home or backyard. Playing on trampolines is the great way to stay energized and also helps you burn calories. Trampolines come in various models, sizes and price range as well. However, buying the most suitable trampoline for your home is a challenge. It is important to read through various reviews and comparisons to find the best model. Before buying you will have to decide whether you want an indoor trampoline that will accommodate a single kid or an outdoor trampoline that will accommodate friends of your kid. All you have to consider is the safety features and the accessories that entertain your kids well while playing over the trampoline. Here we have short listed a few that have received good star ratings and positive feedback from buyers in

Skywalker Round Trampoline with Enclosure, 15-Feet

Skywalker is one of the top most brands in making trampolines and its 15 foot model has received raving reviews from the buyers. The trampoline comes with an enclosure net which beautifully attaches to the jumping mat without leaving gaps at the edges. It interlocks with the jumping mat through the button hole provided at each V-ring. The gaps are dangerous if you happen to hit against the enclosure net while jumping. In case you land up on the gaps, there are chances of injuries. As the design leaves no gap it is completely safe for people to jump over the trampoline. The following are some of the admirable features of Skywalker 15 feet round trampoline:

  • The frame is made of heavy duty galvanized steel that is resistant to rust
  • Six W-shaped legs to offer highest stability
  • Strengthened t-sockets that avoid twisting of the frame
  • Round jumping surface measuring 15 feet in diameter
  • Jumper weight capacity up to 200 pounds

Overall the Skywalker round trampoline offers a great bounce and comes with a long lasting safety enclosure. The trampoline offers ample space for kids to jump around. Generally round trampolines have a huge fan following as they provide great bounces. The jumpers are directed towards the center when they jump anywhere on the trampoline.

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure, 15-Feet

Skywalker is the first brand to introduce rectangular trampolines in the market and has class features. The model is well known for its safety and quality accessories that it delivers. When it comes to the fun part, you will experience a great bounce on the trampoline. There are notions generally that the rectangular shape would not provide the required stability and jumping space. However, this model provides the required stability and also offers plenty of space to jump around.

If you are very much concerned about the safety, then this model of Skywalker trampoline has a smart design with safety enclosure. Like all other Skywalker trampoline models, the enclosure net interlocks with the jumping through the button hole provided at each V-ring. Like the round trampoline mode, this model also does not leave gaps between the enclosure net and the jumping mat offering you ultimate security. The net is made of polyethylene that is resistant to UV rays and long lasting as well.

Skywalker rectangle trampoline includes:

  • Spring pad is stuffed with one inch thick foam for added safety and comfort; it also resists UV rays.
  • Uses a galvanized steel frame that is resistant to rust and the structure gets is stability because of reinforced T-sockets.
  • The spring pad is attached to the frame through v-rings and the stretch bands offer you extra security.
  • The trampoline can bear up to 250 pounds of user weight.

The Skywalker trampolines have good fan followers. Though it is slightly expensive you will find it worthy for the money you invest. Though round trampolines are prominent gymnasts prefer rectangular shapes as they give them large space to jump from one corner to the other diagonally.

Zupapa 15 14 12 FT TUV Approved Trampoline with Enclosure net

If you are looking for trampoline that fully engages your kids into energy bursting activity without affecting their well being, Zupapa trampoline will serve your purpose. The trampoline has huge space to accommodate your kids and keep them active for longer hours.  You need not worry about the safety while playing on the trampoline as it is TUV certified. The trampoline is large enough to accommodate your kids, sturdy and reliable to jump over. The structure includes an enclosure net, a jumping mat, poles, a rain cover and a padded ladder for safety. The trampoline pads and the enclosure nets are covered by six month limited warranty. The springs and jumping mats are covered by a full year warranty. Any defective part will get a free replacement.

This Zupapa trampoline is fitted with sturdy steel joints and the enclosure net is supported with big poles. The legs are strong enough to provide a safe and enjoyable jumping experience over the trampoline. The galvanized steel frame is strong enough and stands erect without any structural twisting or bending. The trampoline is equipped with 7 inch galvanized springs as well as durable polypropylene mat that is UV protected. You can relaxingly watch your kids playing over the trampoline PVE/PE foam which keeps them comfortable. Assembly is quiet easy as it requires no drilling.

The important features of Zupapa include:

  • Zupapa trampolines come with TUV certification
  • Zupapa trampolines can take up to 300 pounds of user weight
  • The enclosure net prevents kids from falling outside
  • The trampoline can accommodate more than one person

Zupapa trampoline is ideal for children who have good amount of energy to spend. It helps them have some beneficial exercise as well as an enjoyable experience at the backyard. The assembly of Zupapa trampoline takes less than two hours so your kids can invite their friends to have a blast on the same day of arrival of trampoline. You will hear them saying it is one of the best trampolines.