A trampoline tent is a kind of enclosure that covers your trampoline on the top. Trampoline tents come in different shapes and colors which attract children. Children also love to take a nap inside the shady tent after a long tiring play on the trampoline. This also keeps away bugs and moisture that might affect your children. On hot summer days the tent also saves your kids from scorching heat. The tents might restrict your children’s jumping ability still they can have a lot of fun jumping inside a protective area. Some people make their own trampoline tent instead of buying one from the dealers by attaching the parachute ends to the poles of the trampoline. This may be due to the extra cost that the tent might attract. There are different types of trampoline tents available in the market. You can choose one depending on the size and shape of your trampoline.

Propel Trampolines Trampoline Club House, Multicolor, 15′

Propel Trampoline measuring 15′ is a perfect choice of trampoline tent if you have setup your trampoline at the backyard. This is a perfect choice for your trampoline provided it has six poles around the enclosure. The tent is made of a long lasting material that can withstand changing weather conditions. Your privacy inside the tent is assured as the tent uses zippered entrance ties. The zippers are easy to operate that makes the entrance and exit very convenient. The tent has three windows with screens which provide sufficient ventilation inside the tent and also let you have a sneak peek to the outside world.  The covers of the windows can be removed to have a look outside. The tent is easy to assemble as it is made out of single piece. You will have to just drop the tent over the poles and tie the ends securely to the posts that surround the enclosure of the trampoline frame. Even there is no mention about it fitting on Skywalker trampolines, it can surely cover it. This can be an ideal gift to your children if you want them to provide the maximum possible fun. It will provide them a secure shelter and privacy to simply relax or play with their friends.

JumpSport Big Top Trampoline Tent

This tent will look somewhat like an eight sided circus tent which will provide a secured and private relaxing space to your kids. The tent stands 5.5 ft tall and spreads 11 ft wide which offer ample space to even tall kids. Kids can relax, stand or lie down inside the trampoline tent which protects them from scorching heat outside. The tent can accommodate around 3 to 5 smaller children to sleep comfortably. The tent has zippered windows with screens as well as doors which makes the exit and entry convenient. For additional durability the tent provides double stitched seams which will come for a longer time. The assembly is quick as it just takes a few minutes to attach the tent to the safety enclosure. The tent uses risk free setup as it uses bungee cords for assembly. This eliminates the risk of jumpers getting hurt by the net poles. You can surely buy this trampoline tent even if you have only 6 poles instead of 8 and use it without any hassle. When you are using the tent there is no necessity of using the enclosure net; however you will certainly require net poles for tying the tent ends. Only these poles help in holding up the tent high above the trampoline. The tent uses high quality materials and assures longevity. The tent is suitable for other brands of enclosures as well that are 12 to 14 feet round. Above all the tent can withstand harsh weather conditions and comes at an affordable cost as well.

Trampoline Tent for 14′ Round Trampolines

If you have a 14′ trampoline at your backyard this trampoline tent is perfect choice for you. The tent ensures that you have a maximum fun jumping over the trampoline. The tent is very easy to put up or pull down whenever your kids want to have fun or relax inside. However, it is necessary that you remove the enclosure before assembling this trampoline net. This trampoline tent features a distinctive design that covers your full trampoline from all sides. The tent features an entrance door and peek-a-boo windows that ensure high privacy to the jumpers. The tent uses a superior grade material that can resistant all weather conditions. The assembly is completely different from other trampoline tents available in the market and it does not require net poles for assembling it. Instead it is equipped with a sturdy frame that holds the tent at a great height. This is a durable product and worth the price you pay for it.

Bazoongi tree house trampoline tent

The design of this trampoline net has a good recognition as it looks like a tree house as well as a tent. Children love this design and to stay inside. The tent has some graphics on the side panel which almost resemble the tree house. The roof has the design of stars and comets. The tent provides ample shade during summers and has a mesh to provide sufficient ventilation. To perform at a great height you can use it with the Bazoongi jump pod unit with G3 safety enclosure. The polyester fabric is used to make this tent and it meets the CPAI standards. The top portion features an internal frame made up of fiberglass that is G3 patented.

Final words

If you want to provide your kids maximum fun and security, you can buy and gift any of the above trampoline tents. All the models are reasonably priced and suitably made for the trampolines at your backyard. Trampoline tents are becoming very popular and it has become the most wanted accessory for the trampoline. Choosing the best suitable trampoline tent is important and they come in different colors to suit the ambience. Therefore, plan to buy one that goes well with the dimensions of your trampoline.