Trampoline parts have to be best in quality. Even if one part of the trampoline is not up to the mark the other parts of the trampoline will also suffer. Therefore it is important to have a sturdy and durable trampoline mat if you want to enjoy the full benefit of jumping on a trampoline. When buying a trampoline mat, you will have to ensure if it is sturdy enough to manage multiple jumpers.  There are other factors as well that affect the durability of trampoline mats. Trampoline mats are exposed to all sorts of weather outside and also to UV rays that wear out the material. Trampoline mats need replacement when it shows ageing sign like stretch marks or tears. It is not recommended to continue using it as it is risky. Buying a new trampoline is not so easy because all the trampoline mats look the same. Therefore you will have to follow certain guidelines when buying a trampoline mat.

Skybound Replacement Trampoline Mat with Free Spring Tool

This trampoline mat is a perfect replacement of any other trampoline mats that are provided along with the trampolines at the time of purchase. It will even do better than those original mats that come with trampolines. When you are looking for a trampoline mat you will have to examine the stitching that run on the mat. If the stitching is not done properly, the v-rings will come off putting your mat totally useless. Skybound mat comes with an extra stitching offering maximum protection and durability for your mat. The V-rings are made of stronger steel which makes them durable and reliable. The mat is coated with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial substance which prevents growth of bacteria over the mat which is possible due to moisture, spillage, sweat and any kind of stuff that get on your trampoline. The mat is covered by 5 year warranty which is the best offer in the industry. You will have to purchase the correct size mat for your trampoline. Therefore you will have to measure the diameter of the mat, count the number of springs, measure the length of the spring from one hook end to another and choose the perfect mat.

Upper Bounce Trampoline Replacement Jumping Mat

Upper Bounce trampoline mat is extra durable that is designed with premium quality polypropylene mesh material. It is secured with eight-row stitching which offers extra security prevents tearing of mat and extends the life. The material is resistant to UV rays, water and also fading. This mat is available in different sizes and shapes. The rings that connect to the mat are heavy duty and are made of galvanized steel. They are not only sturdy but highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Therefore measure your trampoline diameter, count the number of springs and each of its length to decide the perfect fit. This mat is also suitable for trampolines belonging to various other brands.

SkyBound Premium Trampoline Replacement Mats with SunGuard and Free Spring Tool

Skybound mat using the unique Sunguard feature is aesthetically stitched which prevents penetration of UV rays and also extends the durability of the mat. The life of the mat extends up to 50% more than the standard trampoline mats that come without the Sunguard. The company claims that their mats are manufactured giving extra attention to detail and using high quality materials. The mat uses heavy duty stitching with extra rows. It uses sturdy V-rings to enhance the bouncing ability of your trampoline. When you are buying Skybound trampoline mat measure the trampoline’s steel frame diameter, count the total number of v-rings and springs, measure the full of your springs in inches from one hook end to another. The mat is covered by three year warranty and the coverage includes the v-rings and rows of stitching.  A five year warranty covers the jumping surface.

Trampoline Pro replacement trampoline mats

The Trampoline Pro mats are designed for summer use that offers full excitement and fun filled adventure. The children will have great fun touching the sky and having full fun at the backyard. It offers a heavy duty Permatron that uses a quality and sturdy weaving. The mat is equipped with four layers of weaving that is resistant to UV rays and to changing weather conditions. The outer area where the mat’s rings are attached is the weakest part of the trampoline mat where the wearing signs appear. This mat having the sturdiest stitching in the outer area increases the overall lifespan of the mat and even the center part shows good sign of durability. The trampolines usually die due to harsh weather conditions and UV rays. The Permatron material is resistant to water as well as UV rays which increase the life span of the trampoline mats.  It has a breathable mesh and a high weight limit capable of accommodating two or three jumpers at a time.