Skywalker is one of the most trending brands that sweeping the market. Owners are in praise of this trampoline brand which offers both fun and safety at your own premises. When you buy trampolines you will have to look into two main factors, one is safety and the other is the quality of the unit. It is essential that you buy a trampoline that has at least one year warranty on frame and a replaceable safety net. The weight limit of the trampoline has to be high enough to enable jumpers have fun without any fear. The trampolines come with different frames and joints and the most trustable joints are usually T-bars or T-joints which the Skywalker trampolines use.

Safety features of Skywalker trampolines

Safety is the main criterion when you want to setup a trampoline at your backyard. There are two major possible risks associated with using trampolines a) falling out of the trampoline b) falling into the trampoline’s frame. It is not so that if you install a trampoline flat on the ground by digging a hole the injuries are less likely. Still you may get hurt if the quality of frame and springs are not up to the mark. They are the most crucial parts for safe jumping. Skywalker trampolines provide safety enclosures ensure that the jumpers do not fall out of the trampoline while jumping. Every Skywalker trampoline comes with a distinct weight limit. It is essential that you follow the weight limit in order to have safe jumping.

Moreover if you have growing children, their weight increases as they grow and your trampoline must be able to accommodate the growing weight. Therefore, it is better if you have a trampoline that has a higher weight limit. However, keep in mind the higher weight limit trampolines are generally expensive. All Skywalker trampolines comply with safety standards of ASTM and some even exceed the standards. The company claims that their focus is on providing highest levels of safety, quality and efficiency. However, it is recommended that you get familiar with the safety rules and implement them while using the trampolines. Skywalker trampolines are delivered with straps for anchoring and spikes. You will be able to anchor the trampoline in one place which offers an additional safety. Anyways, all Skywalker models do not come with this feature and therefore you may have to buy them separately if you want.

Quality of Skywalker trampolines

The quality range of Skywalker trampolines is from medium to high. They are not spring free and do not have the longest springs like other trampolines. Majority of customers are satisfied with the quality of trampoline and jumping. They were able to use Skywalker trampolines for about five years without any hassle. Though it does not rank high in safety when compared to high end models in the market, the Skywalker trampolines offer you the best value for money, are loved by parents, meet safety standards and have good ratings and reviews in giant sites like Amazon.

Types and Shapes of Trampolines

Skywalker trampolines come in different sizes and shapes such as square, round, rectangular, oval, mini, etc.

Rectangular trampolines: Rectangular trampolines are ideal for jumpers with jumping skills and gymnasts. Professional gymnasts prefer rectangular trampolines over other shapes of trampolines available in the market. Rectangular trampolines give the best bump in the market. They come in three different sizes 12 x 17 of small size, 14 x8 of medium size and 15 x 9 of large size.

Round trampolines: Round shaped trampolines are considered to be the strongest among the different shapes of trampolines. The jumper jumping on the round trampoline will always be directed towards the center irrespective of where they start jumping. Among the Skywalker trampolines, round Classic trampolines come in four varying sizes – 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft and 14 ft. Round trampolines take on frame that are lightweight but that does not anyway affect the sturdiness of the trampoline and still offers good bounce.

Oval trampolines: Oval shaped trampolines are usually bigger than round trampolines as they are elongated. You will have to jump hard to get a big bounce but you will be able to take longer jumps as the sides are at distance. The oval models come in two distinct sizes – 16 x 14 ft and 17 x 15 ft. The oval trampolines are still closer to circular shapes which enable jumpers to point towards the center. This greatly reduces the chance of jumpers falling on the edge. The oval trampolines provide good bounce and mostly offer longer bounces. The assembly might be a bit hard because of the elongated oval shape.

Square trampolines: Square trampolines offer more space and are worthy for the money you invest. Most of the jumpers prefer to take jumps from the corners. You will get an extra jumping space in square trampolines when compared to oval and round trampolines. On the other hand, square trampolines provide you with higher weight limit. Square trampolines will not take much of your yard space as they will fit into any corner. When compared to rectangular ones, square trampolines offer less bounce still they outrun the performance of oval and round trampolines. They are available in sizes 11 ft, 13 ft, 14 ft and 15 ft respectively

Mini trampolines: Mini trampolines are generally made for toddlers. The mini trampolines from Skywalker provide handles to hold that are fully padded. Kids can enjoy jumps that are safer while parents can have a sigh of relief. Mini trampolines come in four shapes and sizes – square 36″, round 38″, 40″ round, etc. The weight limit of these trampolines is only 100 lbs where the first two can take up to 80 lbs and the third one up to 100 lbs. However, they are very ideal for smaller children.

Accessories of Skywalker trampolines

Skywalker trampolines come with enjoyable accessories like basketball hoops, volleyball nets, lights, upper toss games, enclosures and elastics with balls. All these accessories can be attached to the enclosure with the help of a hook. The lights are enjoyable when your kids jump on them and ideal to use when you have parties at home. All Skywalker trampolines come with enclosures but if you want to have an additional enclosure net it is sold separately as well.

All the above features will certainly make a great value for your money that you invest on owning a Skywalker trampoline.