The Skybound trampolines are designed to offer you a great bounce and additional safety. The most attractive feature of Skybound trampolines is the high enclosure net that provides extra safety to the jumpers. These trampolines are known for their durability, stability and safety. These trampolines are easy to assemble and come with exciting features that will keep your kids engaged. Let us see about the top 5 models of Skybound trampolines that enjoy good ratings and customers’ feedback.

SkyBound Stratos Trampoline with Full Enclosure Net System

The Skybound Stratos trampoline will encourage your little ones to jump, flip, fly and bounce to reach great heights. The trampoline features a rust resistant powder coated galvanized frame fitted with 12 safety enclosure poles and sturdy 8.5″ inches springs that offer superior bounce. The parts are durable and come for a long life. The safety net attaches directly to the mat and features a concave shape offering safety and is protective against UV rays. The trampoline offers a great way to have fun outdoors keeping your family fully engaged. Your kids will enjoy an exceptional outdoor workout. The enclosure system can be installed in no time as it does not involve screws, bolts, braces, brackets or pole caps. The trampoline uses Push-pin technology that allows for an easy setup and disassembly. The trampoline features a black steel frame that is powder coated, six w-shaped legs, an enclosure net of concave shape, twelve black curved enclosure poles, foam sleeves with vinyl coating, two piece trampoline pad made of PVC and zinc plated gold springs of 8.5″ length. Skybound Stratos trampoline offers superior workout by strengthening your muscles, improving flexibility, and improving coordination and balance. It is certified by ASTM and is supported by ten year warranty on frame and customer supported team based at US.

40” SkyBound Children’s Trampoline / Choose Your Color

Skybound children’s 40″ trampoline comes in two exciting fun designs to motivate your creative skills and imagining capability. The trampoline features a PVC foam pad and a handle covered with foam to offer fun and safe game. The trampoline uses non slippery rubber feet which also prevents scratching of floors that are not covered with carpet. The handle bar turns inwards at 21″ from the level of jumping surface which helps in positioning the jumper at the center and also provides stability. The galvanized steel bar lasts long and withstands rigorous use. The trampoline is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and the feet can be removed for easy cleaning.  The trampoline features a thick PVC foam pad that covers the whole trampoline as a single piece. The pad fully attaches to the frame and prevents the users from getting in contact with the metal parts.

SkyBound Cirrus 14 ft Trampoline with Full Enclosure Net System

The trampoline offers a close enclosure net that can be setup in very less time.  The trampoline is fitted with 7mm gauge gold zinc plated springs measuring 7″ in length on sides that have high pliability. These springs are dipped into ionized zinc in cold state to avoid rusting. You can easily identify the high quality springs with the bright gold color and the hooks of these springs are fitted with rubber cap. The trampoline is equipped with a concaved enclosure net of high density that keeps the users safe inside the trampoline when engaged in activity. The enclosure net gets its support from 6 galvanized steel poles that are padded with PVC blend foam. The company claims that this trampoline is well designed to offer structural stability and guaranteed to satisfy the ten year warranty that it offers. It uses the push pin technology which allows for fast and easy assembly without the requirement of any assembly tools.

SkyBound Atmos 8 ft Trampoline with Full Enclosure Net System

The Skybound Atmos 8 feet trampoline comes with a galvanized steel frame that is octagonal in shape. The legs are welded to the trampoline frame through ball joints. The plastic feet are pivot-able and the whole trampoline installs quickly with the safety enclosure system. This trampoline is specifically engineered for small spaces and is ideal for younger children, suitable for children aging 6 and above with the maximum weight range of 175 lbs. This is a perfect trampoline to develop muscles, motor skills and coordination. The sturdy galvanized steel frame that is powder coated to prevent earlier rusting with adaptable feet offers higher stability on grassy grounds and other surfaces of the same kind. The Atmos’ safety enclosure net is made of PE material that is resistant against UV rays and perfectly attaches to the trampoline mat minimizing the gaps. This prevents any risk of injury when the jumpers come in contact with the steel frame or springs while jumping. The enclosure poles and the safety pad of the trampoline are covered by PVC vinyl material that is UV resistant and prevents early corrosion. The model satisfies the US trampoline safety standards and is supported by 10 year warranty on frame.

SkyBound Orion Oval Trampoline with Full Enclosure Net System

The trampoline is easy to install and requires no tools for assembling the same. The curved enclosure net provides safety to the jumpers and uses PVC sleeves and Velcro straps at the top. The curved enclosure net prevents errant jumpers from hitting the floor or the steel frame. The trampoline uses XPE enclosure pole foam which comes three times longer than the regular pole foam. This XPE technology offers durability against all outdoor elements such as snow, rain, wind and UV radiation. This XPE technology is the specialty of Skybound Orion model which is not found in other Skybound models. The trampoline features a premier safety mat that fully wraps the springs and acts as an extra safety shield beneath the safety pad. This intuitive design prevents the errant jumpers from hitting the frame, landing on the steel springs or getting stuck between the steel coils when they fall underneath the trampoline safety pad. The trampoline is fitted with 9″ springs that are given a premium black coating for longer life. The push pin technology helps in easy assembly of the trampoline as the parts quickly snaps together. This saves 50% of your times spent on assembly of other standard trampolines available in the market. The average time calculated to setup a Skybound trampoline is less than two hours with two or more people helping in assembly.