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How To Choose The Right Trampoline

Trampolines offer you a great fun and workout simultaneously. Trampolines are available in different sizes, shapes and also come with exciting accessories.  Younger boys prefer round trampolines and girls prefer rectangle trampolines over other shapes of trampolines. As girls have slender legs rectangle trampolines are perfect for them to enjoy great bounces. How to decide the right kind of trampoline for your home or backyard? Knowing the different sizes, shapes and brands of trampolines available in the market you will be able to choose the best one for your backyard.

Round Trampolines

Round shaped trampolines are mostly preferred and they are considered to be classic model among the other trampolines. The biggest advantage of using round trampolines is that the jumpers are directed towards the center when they jump irrespective of where they begin to jump. Many popular brands sell round trampolines of different sizes suitable for toddlers, teenagers and adults according to their age and weight. Round trampolines are available in sizes like 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, 14 ft and 15 ft.

8 ft and 10 ft round trampolines: If you want to buy a trampoline for your kids but have space constraints then choosing 8 ft or 10 ft trampoline would satisfy your needs. These trampolines are ideal for a small family with small children and having a small backyard. Since it is a small trampoline it cannot bear higher user weight. Therefore it is recommended that only one child jump on the surface at a time.  Loading two or more will narrow the space of jumping for each kid and they may collide with each other while jumping. If you have a room that can accommodate 10 ft trampoline over an 8 ft trampoline, then 10 ft is the better choice for long term use. However, 8 ft trampolines are better than all other trampolines if you have space constraints.

12 ft round trampolines: The 12 ft trampolines are suitable for most of the families with two kids. They will have sufficient space to jump. The 12 ft trampolines can accommodate two small children at a time or one older kid at a time.

14 ft and 15 ft round trampolines: These are bigger trampolines that offer more space to have fun and they are termed “Entertainers”. People would mostly prefer these bigger trampolines if they have money to invest and space to install. Both young and adults can jump on the trampoline at a time and have fun. If you have a big family with children above 10 years of age then this is the right choice for you. Your kids can also accommodate their friends and entertain them for hours together. Moreover, these trampolines come with exclusive safety features when you have errant jumpers occupying the space.

Rectangle trampolines

Rectangle trampolines also come in varying sizes like 7 x 10 ft, 8 x 12 ft, 9 x 14 ft, 10 x 17 ft and 14 x 16 ft.

7 x 10 ft rectangle trampoline: This is a compact trampoline that can accommodate your backyard in between swing set and a garden cubby. This behaves almost like an 8 or 10 ft round trampoline and because of its smaller size it is recommended that one child jump at a time. This trampoline can be installed on the ground as well.

8 x 12 ft rectangle trampoline: These are great trampolines offering good bounces for children in the age of 12 or 13 years. They are perfect for children learning gymnastics as they can have trials and learn tricks. Rectangle trampolines offer better bounces than the round trampolines due to corners. They can also accommodate corners saving more space.

9 x 14 ft rectangle trampoline: Kids learning gymnastics will find these trampolines convenient than the 8 x 12 ft models. This is because when they make turns chances are more for them to land on pads instead of the mat. The extra two foot makes a big difference giving a great bounce. The trampoline provides sufficient space for kids getting into their teens. This trampoline have thicker frame and pads and stronger than the other two rectangle trampolines discussed above.

10 x 17 ft Olympic size rectangle trampoline: This trampoline requires a large space and not suitable for toddlers who cannot enjoy great bounces due being small. These trampolines are suitable for older children. Kids have to weigh around 70 kg to reach a height for performing a double somersault. These trampolines are perfect for families that would like to have quality fun time and invent new games. These trampolines serve as good long term investment that you can make.

14 x 16 ft rectangle trampoline: This dimension is very close to a square trampoline and perfect for teenagers. They offer good space for wrestling, soccer and other games that require you to jump. They feature sturdy frame and quality materials that come for a longer life.

Square Trampolines

While the round trampolines cut off the corners, the square trampolines help you make use of every centimeter to enjoy more space. Kids with gymnastics skills or just jumping skills love to start from corners to showcase their talent. Square trampolines offer more bounces when compared to round or oval shaped trampolines.

Oval Trampolines

As the oval shaped trampolines feature an elongated shape they appear larger than the round trampolines. The longer shape gives longer jumps; however you will have to work a bit hard to achieve longer jumps. The assembly of oval shaped trampoline is also a bit tedious.

Trampolines bearing higher user weight

When you come across trampolines of different shapes and sizes, you will also see them having different weight capacity. However, Springfree trampolines always display a standard user weight of 220 lbs. Springfree trampolines always put a rule that one jumper at a time to avoid any head collision. Springfree trampolines use high end plastic rods in the place of springs to offer great bounces. They are available in medium, large and jumbo sizes and their size determine the amount of space each will provide. Investing on a Springfree trampoline is a wise choice if you are ready to invest a higher amount as they are bit expensive. As children grow, it is wise to invest on a larger trampoline. The Springfree also come with exciting accessories such as basketball hoop, tgoma play system, ladder, shifting wheels and ground anchors. If you have the money to buy a Springfree trampoline do not look back!