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Best Rectangle Trampoline

When you consider trampolines, rectangle trampolines are less available in the market. This clearly implies that round trampolines are most popular in the market and widely sold. Rectangular trampolines have the springs that work in a uniform manner. The jumpers are free to jump anywhere and land up any where they want to. The rectangular trampolines are largely used for gymnastic purposes. Here are a few top rated rectangular trampolines that enjoy good customer ratings and reviews in Amazon.

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure, 15-Feet

 Skywalker rectangle trampoline is a top rated trampoline that is suitable for your backyard. The enclosed upper circular ring stands erect as it is secured with the galvanized steel frame supported with T-sockets. This prevents twists and bends that are possible in the structure. The upper enclosure net connects to the jumping mat via a button hole located around every V-ring. The top netting enclosure is made of polyethylene material which comes for a long life and protects from UV rays. The broad spring pad is stuffed with one inch thick foam offering more comfort and durability and is UV protected as well. The spring pad is securely attached to the frame and the v-rings around the jump mat through multiple stretch bands for more support. This trampoline is great for gymnastic and having fun.

Skywalker Trampolines Rectangle Trampoline and Enclosure with Green Spring Pad, 8 X 14-Feet

Skywalker is known for quality and safety as far as their products are concerned. This model is perfect for people who perform gymnastics. Children would love to jump and play on this trampoline. It uses a galvanized frame that is interlocked to the jumping mat. The spring pad is heavy duty and the enclosure’s design is patented for not having gaps. You will not find gaps at the place where the jumping mat connects with the enclosure net. This ensures that your toes are safe while jumping without attracting any injuries. This also makes the assembly of trampoline easy as you have to just hook the rings whereas in setting up traditional trampoline you will have to thread ropes. The T-sockets located at the legs of trampoline and enclosure joint increase the stability of trampoline and prevent twisting or bending of frame. This feature is also very helpful in assembly and disassembly of the trampoline. The spring pad is fitted with about 84 heavy gauge steel springs that are located outside the enclosure net for more safety. There are 80 closely coiled 7″ spring and 4 closely coiled 5.5″ inches that work together to provide a great experience for gymnasts. The sturdy springs are coated with gold color to prevent from rusting. The enclosure features eight vertical foam padded poles for extra protection. These poles are angled at the top in order to keep the enclosure net away from the poles for additional protection while jumping. The pole top is capped to secure the net. Overall, the trampoline offers a uniform jump which is favorable for gymnasts.

Upper Bounce Easy Assemble “Spacious” Rectangular Trampoline with Fiber Flex Enclosure Feature

The upper bounce trampoline can bear up to 500 pounds of user weight. Therefore all your kids can jump over the trampoline at a time. Your kids will enjoy it as it reaches them to the sky and have fun. Generally, rectangular trampolines offer you very big bounce because of the independent springs that work at various rates offering you the highest reach. The jumpers can have good control over their jumping and landing. This model of trampoline is easy to assemble and disassemble and can be easily put away during severe winter weathers. The construction is done with heavy duty black coated steel that comes for a long time. The trampoline has welded sockets which firmly hold the enclosure poles and prevent the frame from twisting as well as reinforce the poles and the frame connection. The trampoline uses galvanized springs that are of heavy duty and offer great bouncing experience to the users. The rectangular trampolines can bear users weight up to 500 pounds which lets many users to enjoy the trampoline at the same time. The jumping mat is made of premium quality PP mesh material and has eight-row stitching to offer additional security which prevents the mat from tearing off providing it a long life. The enclosure system that is supported with top flex pole and straight poles offers great stability and durability. The poles are wrapped with foam sleeves made of vinyl material for extra protection and comfort. The pad is stuffed with one inch thick foam which has 450 gram PVC on the top and 310 gram PE on bottom. The foam is capable of absorbing shocks and is of high density. The net is made of premium quality Terylene mesh and offers you a great jumping experience without limiting the visibility. The net comes with a dual zipping utility and keeps the children safe inside with the help of latch clips. There are no risky gaps seen between the jumping area and the enclosure net. Additionally, you are given a rope to secure the net to the spring loops for added security.

Summit 14′ Rectangle Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

People who own a Summit rectangle trampoline are in awe with it. If your child is a gymnast he or she can learn lot of moves and tricks without worrying about the safety. The construction uses T-bracket frame that offers great stability and prevents twisting. The patented no gap design securely interlocks the net with jumping mat through each spring preventing risky gaps. The trampoline is fitted with 80 springs of 7″ thickness and 4 springs of 5.5″ thickness that are made of rust resistant galvanized steel to offer a great bounce. The springs are located completely outside the enclosure net and covered with a spring pad that is vinyl coated. The jumping mat is made of polypropylene material that can resist UV rays. The frame uses 19 gauge galvanized steel and the legs use 16 gauge galvanized steel to offer more safety. By using this rectangular trampoline your kid will come to learn a lot of moves and tricks.