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Little Tikes Trampoline Reviews

Parents having toddlers would be familiar with the name Little Tikes. Little Tikes offer a wide range of toys that are popular for reliability and durability. Among the various entertaining equipment, kids love the trampolines the most. Little Tikes trampolines provide the little children the fun they love to have and also impart education through games. Big trampolines are not ideal for little children; Little Tikes offer smaller trampolines for your little ones to jump without worrying. The below are the Little Tikes trampoline models which you can buy for your little ones at home.

Easy Store 3 feet Trampoline

Little Tikes are well aware of the excitement that the kids show when jumping on trampolines. For the kids to stay active and engaged, Little Tikes offers 3 ft trampolines which are easily portable. This easy to move trampoline can be placed anywhere your kids want to have fun and blast energy. It is a perfect model for children from 3 to 6 years old. The construction uses both metal and plastic. The circular frame is covered with padded foam so that your kids do not get hurt when falling on the webbing. It has the webbings in the place of springs which are safer. The trampoline is easy to store because of its compact size. The safety handle bar provided at the top easily folds down for convenient storage. The trampoline can accommodate a single child to jump at a time. The trampoline’s maximum weight limit is 55 lbs. This trampoline model is designed for indoor use only. There are some reviews that talk about the tightness of the jumping surface; but it is because of the webbing. Overall, it is a perfect choice of trampoline for toddlers and early elementary school children and the brand name Little Tikes stands for quality.

Little Tikes 7 feet trampoline

This trampoline model from Little tikes is little bigger than the 3 feet model. The trampoline offers hours of active bouncing and keeps your little ones engaged with the activity. It is a perfect trampoline model for toddlers and older children. The diameter of the trampoline measures 7’4″. This high quality trampoline comes with a safety net to offer you protective bounces. The trampoline’s frame is built using blow-molded plastic and materials of high quality. The trampoline springs on the edges are covered by protective padding. The kids will stay protective inside the enclosure net while bouncing. Shoe holder is attached to the trampoline for storage. The trampoline is designed for outdoor use only and is very easy to assemble. The trampoline can bear maximum weight of 100 lbs.

Little Tikes 10 feet Sport trampoline

This 10 ft trampoline model offers ultimate fun to your little ones. The trampoline comes with a basketball hoop that keeps your children fully engaged and active. The kids can practice slam dunks while jumping on the trampoline. The trampoline is surrounded by an enclosure net with two zippers to close and open. The protective foam covers the metal stuffs that are exposed. The springs are covered by high quality and long lasting pad covers. The frame is constructed using blow-molded plastic. The trampoline can accommodate one child to jump and enjoy. The maximum user weight that the trampoline can take on is about 175lbs. The trampoline is intended for outdoor use only. As per reviews, the trampoline can be anchored to the ground using anchors.

Little Tikes 7′ Climb ‘N Slide Trampoline

Little Tikes 7′ Climb N Slide trampoline provides three types of play at one place. It has a climber, slider and the jumping surface to jump. Children can use the climber to get onto the jumping surface and slide down via the slider after a blast. The trampoline provides hours of fun via climbing, jumping and sliding and keeps your kids fully engaged with these three activities. The metal parts are covered by safety foam so that the kids do not get hurt when they are having fun. The frame is constructed using blow-molded plastic. The trampoline is specifically designed for outdoor purpose only and if you want to keep it indoor your ceiling has to be minimum 14 feet high. It can accommodate one child at a time and can bear up to 105 lbs of user weight. The slide and climber can be detached for easy storage. This trampoline model requires assembly.

Little Tikes Huge Bounce 14ft Trampoline

Little Tikes has engineered this 14 feet trampoline model for children going to elementary school. The trampoline is provided with an enclosure net that surrounds it from all sides. This keeps your children safe inside the jumping surface and the frame is given a padded protection that prevents children from getting hurt and having fun. The spacious bouncing area comes for a long life and offers you the right amount of bounce. The trampoline features a shoe holder and zipper doorway for entry and exit. The safety foam pad covers all the metal parts that are exposed. The trampoline can accommodate one person at a time and bears user weight up to 220 lbs. The trampoline is designed for outdoor use only and is delivered in two carton boxes. The trampoline requires assistance in assembly; as per user reviews it takes about 5 hours of time to assemble the parts.

LeBron James Family Foundation Dream Big™ 7ft. Trampoline

The LeBron James Family Foundation Dream Big 7 feet trampoline offers the perfect size to engage your kids in hours of bouncing activity. The trampoline measures 7 foot in diameter and offers the right amount of bounce. The enclosure netting that surrounds the trampoline from all sides keeps the children safe inside the jumping area and the frame is also well covered with pads to provide extra protection. This is a perfect trampoline for your toddlers and older kids to start with. The springs are as well covered by high quality protective pad covers that last longer. The frame is made of blow-molded materials that last longer. A shoe holder is attached to the unit and the trampoline also comes with a basketball hoop and a ball. The trampoline can accommodate one person at a time to jump and can bear jumper weight up to 105lbs. The trampoline can be used outdoor around your home and it requires assembly.