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Best Square Trampoline

Among the different trampoline shapes available in the market square ones are most suitable for your home and backyard. Though the round trampoline models are very popular in the market the square models have their own advantages. The round trampolines take up more space than the square models. The square models can conveniently fit into your yards providing you a lot of space around. If you are concerned about safety, square models are safer for families. Square models can bear a higher user weight when compared to round trampolines and also do not jump high. However, every shape has its own advantages. The bottom line is you will have to be happy with the product you buy whether it is a round, square or rectangle model. Here are a few square trampoline models sold in the market that have received good customer ratings and reviews.

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure, 15-Feet

This is one of the best square trampoline models suitable for your backyard. The enclosure is high enough to provide a safer jumping experience for your kids. The structure of enclosure does not leave any gap and securely interlocks the safety net with the jumping surface. This interlocking feature also eliminates the traditional threading method and makes the assembly and maintenance easy. The T-sockets strengthen the top enclosure frame and ensure that it doesn’t twist over the period of use. The legs offer a reliable jump surface that does not bend or twist even after repeated use and measures 21 feet on all sides to offer a large jumping space. You can jump on the surface without the safety net also but it is not recommended. The trampoline can be even placed on the ground if you do not prefer jumping on a high platform. It is perfect for home use and not to be compared with commercial grade trampolines. To get on to the trampoline you will need a ladder as the height of the frame is about 39.4″.  There are user reviews which say that the trampoline is capable of withstanding severe weather conditions if it is left outside. It is perfect for your kids and is highly durable.

Skywalker 14-Feet Square Trampoline and Enclosure

The trampoline features a heavy duty steel frame that is galvanized and resistant to rust. The diameter of the frame rails measures about 2.4 inches and uses 12 gauge thick galvanized steel. The trampoline provides 18 feet jumping surface from corner to corner measuring about 139 square feet overall. It offers great bounce with more structural stability with W-shaped legs. It can bear up to user weight of 250 pounds. The trampoline comes with more safety features to keep off gaps and sharp objects totally away from kids. The trampoline is perfect for kids over 6 years of age and above. The trampoline height from the bottom to the top measures about 9.15′. The bars that surround the net are wrapped with foam to offer safety. The net does not come with the lock on its own; however you can find a big hole in the zipper tab which you can use to insert a padlock and lock it to the frame using a cable. This prevents any unauthorized entry or your children getting in without your supervision. It can be placed over the ground for jumping but the manufacturer does not recommend it as the inspection is a bit difficult. It is not foldable but disassembling is not hard when you have to store it indoor during winters. When you leave more space around the trampoline it is better for jumpers and spectators to have fun. There are user reviews that say that with just two feet around either side of the unit, the trampoline works fine. Before climbing over the trampoline just walk around the setup to make sure all parts are intact and look out for any wear and tear.

Springfree Trampoline – 11ft Large Square Trampoline With Basketball Hoop and Ladder

As the name suggests, Springfree trampolines do not come with springs which makes them safer than regular trampolines. These trampolines can bear user weight up to 250 lbs and the structure weighs about 1100 lbs overall. Instead of springs the jumping surface is equipped with rods at the base to reach you to heights. The entire frame is made out of galvanized steel. The galvanized steel frame is doubly coated and this helps you leave the trampoline outside throughout the year without worrying about changing weather conditions. The accessories that you would love are FlexrHoop and FlexrStep which refer to Basketball Hoop and ladder that come with the trampoline. You have option to add a tgoma accessory game system that completely changes your trampoline into an outdoor fun filed play system. The nets and mats are made of polypropylene which is resistant to UV rays and the rods are made of fiberglass.

Features in nutshell

  • User weight limit up to 220 lbs
  • Structural load weight up to 1100 lbs
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • UV resistant nets and mats
  • 11 feet square trampoline
  • Basketball Hoop
  • Rods to support jumping

When assembling your trampoline leave about 20 ft x 20 ft of space around for spectators to gather and people who want to observe jumping and follow the same. You would need two or more people to assemble the trampoline as it will take time for you to read the instructions and assemble on your own. For professionals, it will take about two hours for assembly. At a time three teenage boys can jump and above this number will seem to be crowded. Though it seems to be little pricey it is sturdier than other trampoline models available in the market. It is worth investing on it though being pricey if you have gymnasts at home and want to have a family recreation.

Final words

The square trampolines are less popular in the market and only a few are available. Therefore it is easy for you to choose the best one. To find the most appropriate one for your backyard read some comparison reviews and individual user reviews.