Jumpsport trampolines offer great fun and also safety at the same time. Mark Publicover, the CEO of Jumpsport vouches for the safer entertainment at your backyard and adds that the Jumpsport trampolines are specially designed to minimize the injuries caused on jumping surfaces.  The company claims that their trampolines have won numerous awards and have been featured in many leading magazines. Let us see the top models of Jumpsport trampolines that have received good customer feedback and start ratings.

JumpSport 250

The trampoline excels in offering superior bounces letting your children have a full blast. The product comes almost assembled and you will be able to bounce in a few minutes of its arrival. You will have to just fix the legs and start jumping. This 250 series Jumpsport model features a sturdy frame and offers ample room for safe exercise. The model is built to offer gym quality fitness and personal training. The trampoline is fitted with 30 EnduroLast bungee cords that are subjected to rigorous tests of up to 400 bounces. The life span ranges from 3x to 4x times of its competent products. The No-Tip arched leg is patented for its design that lets you jump with full confidence. The trampoline features a frame that has durable 2-coat and black finish that provide long life. You will enjoy smoothest and exciting bounces without creating noise. Therefore, the trampoline is ideal to use for day or night. The maximum user weight it can take is up to 250 pounds. The steel frame and legs are provided with lifetime warranty, mat and EnduroLast cords are covered by 2 years warranty and the rest of the components are covered by one year warranty. A DVD is provided that instructs trampoline exercises.

JumpSport 220

JumpSport 220 offers you a stress free rebounding experience at an affordable cost. It features No-Tip arched legs that are patented for additional stability and sleek look. The frame and the bungee cords come for a very long life. The 30 EnduroLast 2 cords offers you the best bounce and is tested to offer 400 smooth bounces. The model comes with a DVD that instructs basic workouts for both experienced and beginners. The overall frame measures 39″ with a Permatron jumping surface measuring 32.5″. The trampoline is fitted with EnduroLast 2 bungee cords that are subjected to rigorous tests. These cords can also be upgraded to the tension setting of 3 and 7. The trampoline offers smooth bounce without creating much noise. Handle bar is also available for additional stability and you also get a wide range of extra accessories. The trampoline is very easy to transport as it weighs only 21 lbs in total.

JumpSport 350 PRO

Jumpsport 350 Pro is a fitness trampoline suitable for higher intensity workouts and provides more space to jump around. The trampoline is built strong to cater to training and rigorous group fitness. The trampoline is fitted with 36 EnduroLast 4 cords that are patented to offer superior bounce and it is tested for above one million smooth bounces. This trampoline scores high in terms of offering high tensile mat, quick bounces and durability. If you are ready to add extra cords to the frame you will get longer warranty and durability. The trampoline is fitted with No-Tip arched legs that are patented offering higher stability and safety. The Permatron skirt wraps the cords for additional safety and offers 882 sq inches of bouncing space to jump around. It uses a FlexBounce system which is virtually silent and therefore ideal to use both during the day and night.

JumpSport 550F PRO

Jumpsport 350 provides a large space to jump over and folds up for a convenient storage in seconds. The diameter of the trampoline is 39 inches and fitted with 36 EnduroLast 4 cords to offer better bounce. The trampoline is tested for multiple smooth bounces. The trampoline features easy to adjust bounce tension to cater to individual weight and training needs. The trampoline can be setup in a few minutes. The frame measures about 44 inches and is supported with No-Tip arched legs to provide more stability and safety. After removing the trampoline from the box you will have to just fix the easy-on legs and start jumping. The frame is about 44 inches offering more space to move safely during exercise. The cords are thicker than the other Skybound models and offer great bounces. The trampoline is constructed for rigorous group fitness and individual training similar to gym equipment. The trampoline features No-Tip arched leg design that lets you jump with confidence and safety. The frame comes with patented hinge which locks the jumping surface without letting you experience any wobbling.  The trampoline’s frame is protected with three coat charcoal gold coating that lasts longer with low friction finish. The trampoline can bear user weight up to 325 pounds.

JumpSport iBounce 2 Kids Trampoline

This is ideal for small kids that folds conveniently for easy storage. The kids will be able to work out while still learning. This trampoline will provide your kids with years of fun, safety and energetic bouncing throughout. The elastic bands offer gentle yet energetic bounces for your kids. The trampoline is recommended for kids falling in the age group between 3 and 6 years. The weight limit of the trampoline is 75 lbs. The shipping includes Hop-A-Long RompyRoo DVD which the kids can watch and enjoy. The adventure teaches spelling, numbers, letters and music to the kids. The DVD plays on iPad and completely engages your children to have more fun.  The construction involves no plastic and the legs are strong enough to support the trampoline during use. The trampoline mat can be folded only after removing the legs and the handle bar. The trampoline is shipped in half folded condition which you can unfold applying lot of pressure. A few user reviews says that once it is unfolded it is hard to fold it back again. If you want to fold the trampoline in half you will have to unscrew the legs and remove the handle bar. The diameter of the trampoline is about 38″.