Trampolines made with heavy duty and high quality materials are called as heavy duty trampolines. Though trampolines come with specifications such as durable, quality, safe, etc, you have to always look for the term “high quality” when you are bothered about the longevity and safety of the trampolines you buy. Heavy duty trampolines offer great stability, good performance and long lifetime to the users. The users will also find easy to perform over the trampolines. Heavy duty also means that it can accommodate more jumpers at once. There are heavy duty trampolines that can bear user weight up to 330 lbs. The galvanized steel frame provides the required stability and support. The following are some of the heavy duty trampolines available in the market that have received good customer ratings and reviews.

Skywalker trampolines

Skywalker trampolines are the best selling trampolines in the market. All the Skywalker trampolines are equipped with reinforced T-sockets that add great stability to the user. This socket helps in preventing any structural twisting or bending. The trampolines frames are made of high gauge galvanized steel that is resistant to corrosion. The poles are padded and the jumping mat is made of heavy duty polypropylene material that can resist UV rays. The trampolines come with enclosure net that connects to the jumping mat through button hole at every v-ring. The coating remains for years and offers full safety to the users. Some of the Skywalker trampolines come with W-shaped legs that offer great support and stability to the whole trampoline.

Zupapa 15 14 12 Ft TUV Approved Trampoline

Zupapa trampolines are known for their performance, safety and stability. They are certified by TUV for safety and are put to a lot of tests and trials before the certification process. Zupapa trampolines are generally round in shape and use high quality bouncer material that can resist UV rays. The trampoline comes with a net and the poles are arranged securely to prevent any structural bending or twisting. Zupapa trampolines are generally fitted with high quality galvanized springs for bouncing that are closely coiled. The springs are placed between the mat and the frame which are covered by foam pads to protect against falls. Zupapa trampolines come in sizes 15, 14 and 12 feet that are ideal to showcase your jumping skills. The maximum user weight capacity of Zupapa trampolines is 375 lbs.

Upper Bounce Trampoline

Upper bounce trampolines are easy to assemble as well as disassemble without requirement of any tools. The jumping mat is made out of high quality Polypropylene mesh material that resists UV rays. The jumping mat features 8-row stitching which prevents tearing of mat on repeated or heavy use. The frame is constructed using heavy duty galvanized steel that is powder coated ensuring durability. The trampoline is equipped with six w-shaped legs that ensure higher stability to the trampoline during the activity. The springs are covered by thick foam safety pad which offers added protection through the double rubber ties and firmly attach to the trampoline frame. The trampoline can bear up to 330 lbs of user weight.

Exacme 6W Legs Trampoline

Exacame trampoline is certified by TUV which ensures safety to the jumpers. This trampoline model has also other certifications namely GST testing certificate and UV testing certificate. The trampoline is stabilized through 6 w-shaped legs fitted at the bottom that are made of heavy duty steel. This heavy duty 12 feet trampoline comes with heavy gauge springs measuring 7 inches in length which offer superior bouncing experience. The enclosure net that surrounds the trampoline offers full safety to the jumpers. Soft foam padding covers the area between the frame and the mat and prevents jumpers from getting injured against falls. The springs as well as the frame are constructed using rust resistant galvanized material. The trampoline can bear user weight up to 250 lbs. There are other sizes like 14 feet and 15 feet which take up to 375 lbs.