Investors, Friends and Advisors

The Tengelmann Group has a long-established tradition to social projects and sustainability. We endeavour to continue these values at Tengelmann Social Ventures GmbH:

Tengelmann Ventures invests in fast-growing young internet companies under the motto “Funding your ideas”. In 2011, we invested in Coffee Circle realising that the concept of social enterprises was an extremely innovative one. Coffee Circle buys sustainable coffee from Ethiopian farmers, and for every kilogram of coffee that’s sold; one Euro is invested in local development projects (e.g. building of schools and wells). As a result of the positive development and response we’ve received, and continue to receive from Coffee Circle, we decided to expand these ventures further.
 Tengelmann Social Ventures GmbH was founded as a subsidiary company of Tengelmann Ventures GmbH and is a 100% subsidiary of the Tengelmann Group. Tengelmann Social Ventures GmbH’s goal is to finance social businesses and to offer support and advice to Social Entrepreneurs. 
 Good social business ideas are often not pursued in the early stages, due to lack of capital and insufficient consultation. We aim to close this gap with our involvement in the early stages. In addition, our goal is to increase awareness of the impact of investment in Germany, and by doing so, hope to gain more investors for our ventures.

Gabriel McIntyre 'Gabe Mac'

Gabriel McIntyre 'Gabe Mac' has been teaching Interactive Performance, New Media and Game Design for over a decade in the Netherlands. In the game industry, he has worked on games for clients such as Guerrilla Games, Davilex, T-Mobile and Microsoft. Projects ranging from interactive board games, mobile games, platform games, flash mobs and more.

The campaigns he worked on while Head of Innovation at Indie Amsterdam, have won a number of digital and advertising awards. He is known in Europe for being a Viral Video and New Media Dude with early Video Blog projects of and

Gabriel has given keynotes at conferences all around the world in innovation, marketing, digital trends and gamification. DLD (Munich), SIME (Vienna), Picnic (Amsterdam), Le Web (Paris), DMEXCO (Berlin), Webcom (Montreal), La Red Innova (Madrid), and The Monaco Media Forum (Monaco) are a few of the events which he has spoken. He has been interviewed about new media trends for articles in Forbes Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, BBC and The Telegraaf. Currently he travels around with Little Lebowski teaching organizations, governments, students and artists how to change the world with games.

Hanz Reitz
Founder and Managing Director of Grameen Creative Lab

Hanz Reitz: Founder & Managing Director of Grameen Creative Lab Hans Reitz spent 7 years living a simple life in Southern India and can relate to problems of poverty. In 1992 Hans Reitz joined Natural Shakti, a forest farming company cultivating coffee and spices in Kumily/ Kerala, India, as a partner. The Grameen Creative Lab's vision is to serve society’s most pressing needs. The difference between rich and poor is not wealth, but opportunity. The Grameen Creative Lab believes that the economic system in which we live does not create enough opportunities for the poor. This is because it lacks a vision. He founded the event and creative communication agency "circ" in 1994. Hans Reitz is also co-founder of the cafe chain Perfect Day since 2004. The foundation of "circ responsibility", a CR consultancy, followed in 2009 Besides his business life, Hans Reitz has always engaged in social projects which accelerate responsible freedom. He was the initiator of the Talent-Project - a school program - in 2008 In collaboration with Prof. Yunus, he founded The Grameen Creative Lab in Wiesbaden in 2008
He published "The Power of Dignity" in 2008
Hans Reitz is the father of four children; one son and two daughters, and one foster daughter.
Hans Reitz was a Counsellor at One Young World Summits: 2011 in Zurich and 2012 in Pittsburgh.

Verena P. Delius
Co-Founder and CEO of Fox and Sheep GmbH

Verena is the Co-Founder and CEO of Fox&Sheep GmbH since 2012. Fox & Sheep develops and publishes Kids Apps worldwide. They are a digital publisher who is exlusively specialized on developing Apps for kids. Fox &Sheep works closely together with book authors and illustrators worldwide to bring to life the best Apps for kids out there and help parents guide their children through the digital world.

Before joining Fox & Sheep Verena worked for Bertelsmann and She studied Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen.

Regine Haschka-Helmer
Founder & CEO of Seedlab

Regine is one of the leading European pioneers in digital media. She is founder & CEO of Seedlab, a company which offers consulting and support in digital transformation & digital business strategies and product development, based in Berlin & Tel Aviv. Regine has more then 20 years experience in management, digital strategy consulting & product development. She is Business Angel, Startup mentor. Former CEO of I-D Media AG a public listed digital international company.

Dr. Joakim Naegele
Director of International Business Development at G+J International

Dr. Joakim Naegele has more than 11 years of experience. He has served Droege & Comp. International Management Consultants before joining Gruner + Jahr International as Director for International Business Development. Currently he serves as CFO for MONOQI and is angel investor for educational start-ups. He is an avid lecturer and his area of interest includes mergers & acquisitions. He holds a Doctorate in Business Administration (International Management) from the University of Bamberg, Germany

Kirabo Jackson
Labor Economist

A labor economist, Kirabo Jackson studies education and social policy issues. His recent work analyzes the role of peer learning in teacher effectiveness and how student demographics directly affect the distribution of teacher quality across schools. He is also involved in a number of projects to understand when and why certain policies that reward teachers—or students—for student achievement improve student outcomes. Another research area involves the role of worker-firm “match quality” and its effects on worker productivity, including evidence that how well a teacher fits with a certain school can be as important as teacher quality for some outcomes. Jackson is also involved in ongoing projects studying the effects of attending single-sex schools in Trinidad and Tobago.

Jackson’s scholarly articles have appeared in the Journal of Labor Economics and Journal of Human Resources among others, and his research has been featured in a number of mainstream media outlets, including The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Education Week. Both the Spencer and the Smith Richardson foundations have supported his projects. A faculty research fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research, Jackson comes to Northwestern after being an assistant professor at Cornell University.

Nena Rinsma
Marketing and PR Manager

Nena (Kariëna) has over 20 years of experience in communications & marketing. She worked for various media and entertainment companies in Aalsmeer, Paris, Sydney, London and New York. In New York she was also involved as entrepreneur in different Internet start-ups.

After her return to the Netherlands she was PR campaign advisor for international NGO’s and worked in that role also with youths from various continents on media projects. From 2008 she worked as freelance communications advisor and also founded her own Internet platform for talent development for youths.