Trampolines are becoming a lovable recreation sport even in households. People have some good space in the backyard are avidly looking for a perfect trampoline to install in their backyard. People with space constraints choose small indoor trampolines that keep their children engaged. An outdoor trampoline offers a great fun and improves the skills of the kids. When you are buying a trampoline for your kids you will have to look for a well build model with sufficient safety features. Bounce Pro trampolines offered by Sports Power are highly safe for your kids. Besides, they include a lot of exciting features that will keep your children engaged and have some extra entertainment.

Bouncepro 14′ Trampoline and Enclosure with Spinner Flash Litez

Bouncepro 14′ trampoline is very popular among the kids because of the spinning flash litez that attaches to the underneath of the mat. The flash litez goes towards the center of the trampoline mat and provides safety while kids jump on the middle of the trampoline. The light system has about 62 unique designs and multicolored patterns which look really wonderful during nights; but it is less visible during the day. You can easily install this light system and it requires only AA batteries to power up the light system. The trampoline receives many positive reviews because of its sturdy construction. The reviews say that all the parts of the trampoline are crafted well. Generally, the Bounce Pro comes as only 14′ trampoline but some retailers offer even 15′ feet model. Bounce Pro 14′ is an admirable entry level trampoline for small families. However, it is not designed for adults. It is mainly designed for children and the bounce level is also designed to a safer height for children. In order to increase the durability of the trampoline springs, you will have to store it away from snow during winters.

Specifications of Bounce Pro 14′ Trampoline

  • Equipped with an UV resistant mat for jumping
  • Can bear jumper weight up to 220 pounds
  • It has an enclosure made of flexible steel
  • The poles are padded to avoid injuries when kids bounce on them
  • It is equipped with Polyethylene netting that has a ring top made of steel
  • It is fitted with steel springs that are galvanized
  • Comes with reinforced leg connector

Is Bounce Pro the right choice for you?

If you are looking for a trampoline that can offer a safe rebounding experience to your children and last longer, then Bounce Pro is the right choice for you. Apart from the sturdy construction, this trampoline comes with a Spinning Flashlight Zone which acts to provide safety when your kids jump in the middle of the trampoline and offers an extra entertainment. However, more than the enjoyment parents expect higher safety. Sports Power provides what you expect. However, the model has a few complaints relating to the padded material used for poles that wear off very soon. Otherwise the unit has received more positive reviews and frequently mention about the fun factor. Though it is not the best trampoline available in the market it surely is a kids-friendly model provided at an affordable price.

┬áPros of Bounce Pro 14′ Trampoline

  • It has an enclosure for safety of the kids jumping on it
  • Comes with Spinning Light Zone that provides safety and an extra entertainment
  • UV resistant jumping mat that can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Steel flex top ring enclosure which ensures that the net will not sag and also provides safety to highly enthusiastic jumpers
  • Inner enclosure design which lets the safety net to be placed directly around the jumping mat
  • Very affordable trampoline model
  • Assembly is easy and comes with the necessary tools required for assembly
  • Galvanized steel springs to offer smooth bounce
  • A durable trampoline unit; however safe storage is recommended during winters to extend the life of galvanized rings

Cons of Bounce Pro 14′ Trampoline

  • The unit is not meant for adults; it is ideal for children though the user weight is up to 220 lbs
  • The padding around the metal poles wears off soon
  • There are reviews about missing parts; however it can be related to the retailer
  • Longevity of the unit is less likely when compared to high end trampolines in the market.

Frequently asked questions

How bouncy is it?

It is bouncy as it is equipped with a series of galvanized springs. However, it is not to the level that your kids will go out of the safety net.

Do you require assembly tools?

Yes, this unit requires specific tools to assemble especially spring loading tool. Anyway, it comes with the package so you need not search for it outside.

Final words

If you are looking for a safe and entertaining trampoline unit that will keep your kids engaged at home, Bounce Pro trampolines are an ideal choice. Ensure that your backyard can accommodate 14′ trampoline and also has enough space around the trampoline for spectators or parents to watch.